About Rawad

Rawad Shararah is a professional photographer who creates by the influence of discovery & adventure. When he purchased his first camera he refused to read the manual. He began simply playing & before long was shooting on manual. He consumed volumes of Youtube tutorials & with the continuous support & advice of a artistic friend, was then able to capture what he was imagining from each picture he framed & captured.

Photography has always been a passion, a hobby & a challenge of exposing the right colours for him.  This is why he finds his magical moments are at sunrise; dusk & dawn, at night; sunset. He rarely takes pictures in broad daylight.   Behind every photograph he posts online or shares or sells, is ‘100 failed attempts’, teaching him a new technique each & every day & new settings within his camera. His pride is in this organic process & his greatest joy.

Rawad describes himself as ‘a simple man who loves photography & spending time with my inspiration,  a three year old named Ainsley’. Although responsibilities & life itself often steal from his creative opportunities, his constant companion is his Nikon D7200 & Tokina 11-16mm on this journey of photographic discovery.

As much as he would love to invest more time & money in photography, he regards himself fortunate to have the opportunity to have enough time to practice & capture each & every moment in front of him.  His Real Estate photography work allow him to hone the skills he already has.  Every home, apartment or commercial site is a challenge to capture the best visuals of each space.

“Photography is not just releasing the shutter, it is imagination, skills, knowledge & perspective; putting it all together, to produce a piece of art.”

Rawad Shararah



Click on Rawad's profile below to contact him on WhatsApp or send him an email to info@rawadshararah.com

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