Real Estate Photography

Rawad offers distinctive, professional visuals with high marketing & sales value, highlighting the individuality of each client's property, capturing the imagination of the perfect buyer.

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Real Estate Photograhy & Floor/Site Plans

Rawad understands that:

Sales Managers want professional and creative photography with practical marketing and sale application on websites and brochures and also in the physical world in Real Estate windows and pickets on the sale site.

You need the best visuals you can achieve of each property to highlight uniqueness and strengths & minimise undesired facets.

You need eye catching visuals capturing the imagination and attention of your prospective buyer.

Looking for what makes your property distinctive, whether this is contained within its architectural features, visual highlights of colour, fixtures, views, locations, etc, Rawad will ensure your photos are taken in maximum daylight for immediacy, excitement and impact. Or, if desired, the artificial light of evening where mood and texture can be played with while capturing captivating visuals with a true romance & enchantment, again attracting strong buyers engaging the sale.

From the bulk of the Photoshoot Rawad will begin to single out the images which are the richest, visually, with high sales & marketing value.

Post-editing is done in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, further enhancing every single shot to achieve the maximum effect to the buyer’s eye and to capture their imagination for a faster sale.

Floor & Site Plans for Houses, Apartments, Sites

Rawad can also create black & white and coloured floor plans for you as an added service.  Many Real Estates are keen to supply floor plans to prospective tenants and in particular, prospective buyers.  Site plans also available.

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